Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kitchen Rehab

So it has been, well, awhile since I posted anything. Not because there is nothing going on, but mostly because I usually forget to take before pictures and the after is less awe inspiring when you do that... this time, Jenn grabbed the camera before we attacked the kitchen..

Jenn has been wanting to redo the kitchen for awhile, and I have been looking at it thinking omg this i going to cost a fortune and be a giant pain in my ass... What you can't see is the base board heaters down there... they were disconnected as part of our renovations but I never got around to removing them for fear of busting holes in the wall, or worse the tile floor.

Jenn had an idea right from the beginning to buy something ready made that would fit. We stumbled across two items in kirkland, on sale for 260$ each. Custom cabinets that would have fit in the space would have run 800 a piece. I have to say, after 2 hours of messing around, the results are spectacular... I only wish we had taken the time to paint behind them, because there is NO way we can get them out again...:)

So, gents, the sooner you come to realize your wife is basically always right, the better. The added bonus is that when you listen to her and she isn't right... you get to win without even trying...;)