Thursday, April 21, 2011

20 days later, still no electricity

So here we are, 20 days after we passed the electrical inspection, and the city only got around to sending the information to PSEG today. Yep, 3 weeks lost, so of course now we can't even move in.... None of the other work could take place while we waited for the electrical to be completed, so here I sit on my hands watching as nothing happens in the house...

My work, amazing as it is, was complimented by a friend of mine when he put up the mudding, all of the crooked walls now look straight, and all the holes where there was no drywall have been patched. Place looks great! Of course when the electrical guy rolled through he saw the work, and promptly slapped a stop work order on the house. Apparently my contractor had not submitted the plans I drew up for the basement work that we wanted to do. So we had to iron out that particular kink, city was very forthcoming on what they needed, and as of this morning we have the permits we need and an inspection is scheduled for monday.

What I will likely have to do for that inspection, is tear down a couple of sheets of my newly painted drywall to prove that I did the framing and wiring correctly, awesome no? Yes, I know, I know, get permits and you won't have this problem. Every DIY show in the world states that 3-4 times per episode, so why did I not do it, well I thought I had, but this goes to show you (they also mention this) check up on your contractor early and often...In the end, its your responsibility.

So, 1 week away from our target movin date my contractor has finally said we're not going to be able to make it. Now I have to find somewhere to live, I wonder if my landlord will notice if I just don't move out..

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