Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurricane Irene, glad you're gone..

We were truly blessed by Irene missing us. I see a lot of articles and pictures of people wading through their ground floors looking for prized possessions and can't help but be thankful that all we got is some water coming up out lawn

This photo was taken about two hours after it stopped raining, within another two hours the water was completely gone. Thanks again for amazing sewer system... the high water mark was another 8 ft up the driveway.

The irony of finishing the project and then having Irene flood the house was NOT lost on me... especially since most of the issues with the house were related to water, it would have been pretty fun in a sad and desperately pathetic kind of way.. Now, I can look back at it and laugh, since it didn't happen... This flood was over the 100 yr mark, so looks like while our street does flood, we're out of the way of the worst of it, glad to know.

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  1. Sure glad you're above the high water line or, "acua alta" as the Venetians say. Must have been a worrisome experience to watch it get closer and closer...