Friday, June 3, 2011

I love my folks

OK so if you read my other blog you know I'm all gushy about my loving wife and how much we get along and all that, but my parents rock too. When you have kids you start to resemble your parents in the things you say and do, and start to feel sorry for what you put them through...:) Anyways, my parents deserve this call out, and on the reno blog, because they came down to help us move!! Only we weren't moving because hey, thats just how this project is going. Anyways, when they came down they not only brough me 20 coffee crisp bars (if you care canadian you get it, if you aren't you don't, but they are the best chocolate bar out there, and sadly not available in the states), 2 LARGE tins of Timmy's coffee, but they also brought down 4 boxes of Robertson screws.

Now I've mentioned Robertson screws a couple of times, otherwise known as square heads, but they are basically impossible to find down here. They are also vastly superior to any other screw out there (though a recent experience with a 6 inch long lag bolt with a 10 pointed head and a sore wrist might alter that opinion) so the fact that they thought to stop off and grab what must be 50$ worth of screws to bring me shows how cool they are.

Love you guys! Thanks for coming to see us and hopefully next time we won't have to kick Kyle out of his room so you'll have somewhere to sleep!


  1. Awww! Sweet. We love you too.

    Mom and Dad

  2. Hey! that's what parents do for their kids. We wish we were closer so that we could help you more. Love you all, Mom XOXOXOXO