Monday, March 14, 2011

Hurry up and wait, and wait, and wait...

Editors Note: Written October 4th, 2010

I hate banks.

There I said it, everyone says it, usually when they see some other ridiculous charge on their account that is marginally justified by the bank (all banks charge you for taking out your money, so we do too) but I really hate banks. so the bank counted our offer, which bizarrely they countered under, yes thats right, under our original offer by thirty thousand... No, didn't carry the comma, that's thirty thousand... Someone screwed up, but being the good capitalist that I am I said, sure sign me up.

Then, we waited in silence for a week, repeated attempts to contact the realtor (theirs, not ours, still love Robert) all of which met with immediate voicemail, we finally hear back that they have signed, the deal is ours. The house is off the market, no longer on mls, and through the real estate broker we find that it is market as under contract, awesome, however we don't have the contract. More on that later.

Next we want to challenge some of the clauses in attorney review, not happy with the attorney I chose so there won't be a nice blurb here for him as he doesn't seem to want to worm for the money I will be giving him, but the bank just keeps shooting us down. Thinking more and more that the bank might have realized they scewed up and is hoping that we can't meet the ridiculous 30 day deadline they have set for us (which since Sean and I went ahead with the mortgage approval ahead of time all we need is the cost of improvements and were all set) they are thinking they can get us to walk from the deal.

Screw them, even though there is a little more work to be done than I anticipated (fully documented in posts to come) and some scary issues with the pool that will have to be looked into, we are going to do it anyways... God help us one and all. For sure, this blog will get a lot more interesting, as I will post a summary of the work that got completed, or didn't as we go through this thing... Once we have the full estimate from the contractor I will decide if we do this. Jenn has already decided, but unfortunately for her, takes two to tango...

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