Monday, March 21, 2011

We' were done demo.... then we weren't...

So my contractor was at the house today going over what needed to be done, they tidied up some of the drywall upstairs and prepared the dining room for the new powerlam beam

Thats the area on the left there, it looked like they just cut the joists off from the drywall underneath, but once the drywall was down...

We found out we didn't have to do anything! First bit of good news... The other news my contractor broke to me was that (I was in denial here..) I would have to tear out the drywall in that area in the basement where the paneling used to be... Awesome, moar demo!

Sorry for the quality on that last one, snapped it with my Blackberry because I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me.. Anyways behind the drywall I find, some small holes in the insulation (awesome, now we need a cat..) and this space age stuff

Yup, THAT is the insulation... its literally paper thin...that is all that stands between whoever is sitting next to that wall (did I mention this is to be my office?) and the outside world.. awesome... this is being held up by 1/4 inch slats, and then bare cement... not much room to augment the insulation as I would need to move the heating system below and thats just not going to happen. I put in some pink foam , a whopping R1.5, spent about an hour doing it too, thinking the entire time, why am I bothering... but I'd kick myself later if I didn't try and put SOMETHING there... and tyvek over top.

We also built half of Kyles bedroom, amazing how 30 minutes of farting around with some two by fours on the ground can transform a space... stood it up, located a joist and slammed in a screw to stop it from moving around. Checked for level, and almost fell over... it was level.. Didn't ask too many more questions, threw in another screw and called it even. Tomorrow I get to buy a ramgun (not sure what the real name is) but basically it fires a 23 guage shell and powers a nail into concrete, can't wait. I think I'll make Kyle do the first one....:)

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