Tuesday, March 29, 2011

its been a long couple of days

Well its been a long couple of days, whenever I tell people I am putting up a wall they are always amazed that I can do it... Again, thanks dad. People just don't know how "easy" it is to put up a wall. You measure twice, cut ones, make yourself two jigs (also known as a piece of wood cut to 14.5 inches) so that your beams will be 16 inches on center, and viola a wall

As Kyle and I were doing this work I couldn't help but think that around 16 years ago, I was in the basement of my parents place, framing up the walls with my dad and making the space that my soon to be wife, and soon to be son, would call home for a year... Time flies.

Note the pictures are really dark in the after... That is what happens when you get off work around 6, take a 1.5 hour commute home, stop to eat supper and THEN start wortking... Lots of up until midnight nights to get these walls up. One suggestion for anyone trying this, if you can afford it, buy/rent/steal a damn nail gun. We used screws, and mr Robertson, I miss you... Philips screws suck (Sorry Phil, but they do)

And yes, there is a LOT of extra wood here, shut up. I was making sure that when I was drywalling I would have something to screw to... Planning that ahead of time would have saved me a lot of pain, suffering, and stripped screws, but this eventually worked.

 And yes, I do my own electrical work. Seriously though, if my Dad hadn't let me pester him for all those years, I would not be as handy as I am, and wouldn't even be able to approach this project. Re-routing the electrical wiring, installing new plugs, framing (it only looks crooked, I swear that door frame is level, in fact whenever we put the level against anything it was level! Maybe the level is broken...)

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