Monday, March 14, 2011

Deals Dead.. so is the blog I guess, at least for now..

Editors Note: Written November 16th, 2010

So after recieving an "extension" from the bank that basically said that if they can get their title issue cleared up by the 26th they would expect me to be able to sign for the house with 12 hours notice (we turned that particular one down as I need 5 days to get insurance and mortgage out of the way) the bank has cancelled the deal officially.

My agent suggests letting them hold our cash, since we know the state is signing the deed we might be able to resurrect the deal after all is said and done. Robert has the adrenaline needle and shock paddles at the ready to revive this deal, nothing short of a zombie apocalypse is going to stop him from getting this thing closed, and thank god, because I've lost the fight to get this house. Someone somewhere must be trying to tell me something....

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