Monday, March 14, 2011


After all of the blood sweat and tears that it took to get this place (which you can read day by day, blow by blow along side of this running commentary on our demo and rebuild) it really felt good to get some of my frustrations out...:)

First off was the sun room, or Jenn's studio.

I started off with this part,

and just went to town. Bought a large crowbar and just pulled the ceiling down like a crazed lunatic... Note to other crazed lunatics out there, when pulling a ceiling down, and I know when you read this you will say "duh", don't stand directly under the stuff you are pulling on. First blood draw of the project as a giant piece of drywall falls off the ceiling and hits me in the face.

Oh, and regular glasses, not protective eyeware... buy a mask, and some goggles if you can find them, they are worth it.

Next Jaull Loram, of Earth Dreamers Design (who also supplied all the before images) came over and helped me, showing me the "right" way to pull down drywall from a ceiling. Not as gratifying, but much less time consuming on the clean up. 2 hours later and we have one room with no ceiling! We had to pull this ceiling down because (you can't see it in the photos) you could see each ceiling beam in the drywall.

So what you say, well that means that there is mold up there. Yeah, I didn't know that either, but the water pools around the joists and gets the wood wet, the wood retains the water longer so mold can grow... gross... Another reason for the masks!

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