Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is there such thing as good cheap carpet?

So not much going on over the last couple fo days, mostly because I've finished almost all the demo, and my contractor hasn't started yet... Couple of learnings however, as we have removed all of the tile... A hammer and a crow bar, will work for this, but are NOT the optimal tool. IF we had electricity, or that generator that I gave to my uncle when we moved from the last house... I would have rented the jack hammer and been done in about an hour.

Anyways, once we were finished (my neighbors who already had the fence fall and almost kill their dog, and who work nights, must love us for being over in the house every night for 2 hours bashing metal on metal on tile) it was time to start shopping for carpet.

The new bedroom we are creating, and Tristens bedroom were not on the hud report to be replaced, partially because they didn't know Kyles bedroom existed, and not sure why the other room with all the mold didn't get on the report but whatever...we headed over to the carpet warehouse to check out remnants.

Now if you know me/us you know we don't plan very well, so this was a big step, we were going to LOOK at carpet and get an idea on the price... Yeah, so now we have carpet for both rooms. But we ended up getting a pretty good deal on what we hope is good carpet. We paid 1.99$ a square foot installed, with under padding... Couldn't walk away from that deal.

Tomorrow, Kyle gets walls!

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