Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drywall is up

After a long weekend of work, and some more late nights, the drywall is hung. I had to pry up the floor to get the door installed (which does NOT bode well for when the carpet is installed, but I'm conveniently ignoring that fact for now).

Now the worst part, the mudding. Seriously, while drywall is the best invention known to man (can you imagine pulling up lathe and plaster?) I think mudding is stupid. Someone needs to make beadboard that is like drywall, so we can avoid the whole mudding thing... dreading it. I checked with Dad, and he said, hire someone. Whatever you do, don't do it yourself... I'm going to listen to him... might be expensive, but my sanity is more expensive...

The inside of a closet takes an amazing amount of drywall to cover, so many twists and turns in there...

We were splitting the bar between Kyles room and the laundry room. In reality, the (eventually to be) laundry room came out ahead in the deal. And yes, before you ask, that piece of drywall is on backwards. And yes, before you ask she did notice and was nice enough not to say anything, and yes it will take WAY more paint to cover properly.. I know I know, should have just cut a new piece, I was tired.

OK so not ALL the drywall is up, sue me... That piece needs me to move the AC vent above the door over about an inch to ensure that it doesn't hit the wall, just didn't have it in me on this particular day.

Jenn decided she would pound away on the floor and finally remove all the cement down there that was holding down the old tiles.

She was so cute, I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was going to be removing all the old floor and she didn't need to do it. Then Tristen, Kyle, and Gavyn got in on the act. Now I have to figure out how to keep the flooring and go over top of it with hardwood or I'll never hear the end of it...

I haven't said it yet this post, and really, can anyone say it enough? Thanks Dad. Couldn't/Wouldn't have even tried this without the years of pain and suffering I put you through.


  1. Stop, you're making me blush. Goes to show that you never know when the kids are paying attention...

    Looks good from here!

    The Old Man

  2. Kyle was helping me out through the entire thing, I can't imagine having done this alone, he was super helpful so long as Tristen and Gavyn weren't around... when they were, he was dedicated to annoying them.