Monday, March 14, 2011

OMG we're closing on Monday!

Editors Note: Originall written February 8th

Shh, you can't read this anyways, but we're tentatively set to close on Monday Feb 14th, so while I can't give Jenn a house for Christmas, it will make an interesting Valentines day gift....:)

Of all the people involved in this process, by far the one that I have had the lowest impression of is my attorney. To protect the guilty, I won't bother putting down who he is here, but I also won't recommend him to anyone, ever.

Now the fun starts, things to do in the next week:

1. Get the main water service replaced
2. Get the heating system repaired and serviced
3. Get the electrical panel replaced, and new meter/service installed.
4. Repair some of the leaking taps so that when we turn the water on, the house doesn't flood...

Then we get down to the interesting things, like DEMO!

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