Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Water damage, drywall, and more Demo

One of the scariest things you can see when you are looking at a house is water damage. Everyone looks at a piece of drywall that has a giant brown spot on it and goes, ugh, that means trouble.

Removing the drywall, is cake, fixing whatever the leak is might not be, but putting the drywall back up is also cake... Don't let that scare you.

In this case, we were doing the laundry room. It looked like the bathroom above leaked (I'll post some pictures of the bathroom later, and you can all laugh with me on the "tiling job" the guy did... seriously...) and ruined the drywall. In addition, the slop sink seemed to have never been connected to the wall and so the drywall just fell apart there... So, down it all comes



We discovered some fun facts after opening all this drywall. All that mold you see, is actually coming from the vent stack (that giagantic steal pipe in the middle) and is not actually a plubming issue, but the roof leaking around the stack. Wonder how long that went on for before we noticed... Oh and when pulling down drywall, another duh moment, stop at one of the old joints. It makes it easier to put it back up again.

We also had the main water line replaced, that was an event and a half, but suffice it to say that mystery hole:

That was caused by the main water line being broken and pushing water out into the front yard. Once it was replaced, and upgraded to a 3/4 inch pipe, we turned on the water to test it and blew 4 fittings and found another pipe that had frozen... Wait, blew 4 fittings? Yep, the higher pressure caused some faulty fittings to come off so we had water flying everywhere for a couple of minutes, was funny as hell, glad I was planning on tearing down all the drywall anyways...:)


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