Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The new before and after..

Taking time out to enter on the blog is nice, gives me some time to decompress and just chill

You can't see it real well, but thats a LOT of drywall that I brought home with me...:) Today was more demo, as I noted previously, just thought I would throw up some more before and afters, as well as hint at our next project..


After Day 1... note all the snakey junk on the walls? Thats glue to hold up the panelling, because the 80000 nails weren't enough.

After Day 2. 

The Bar, before (Thinking it might have been a better idea to keep it and let Kyle have it in his room)

After Day 1 (no change on Day 2) Note the patch of white on the bottom left of the picture? Thats filler, because the floor is concaved in that area. I don't really want to know why it is concaved in that area, though something tells me at some point I will know why.

Before, what a nice looking pool room... Maybe demoing it is not such a good idea.

And After, the wife speaketh, and the husband taketh away.

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